Goldie's Reply to Gorbachov in Perth, Australia

From lightner Tue Jun 30 12:57:29 1998
To: CAMPBELL6@bigpond_dot_com
Subject: Re; Hi from Gorbachov
Sorry for the much delayed reply.  It's taken a bit of time to convince
my thick-skulled "food source" that I wanted to dictate some e-mail, as
well as being fed, of course!

> From CAMPBELL6@bigpond_dot_com Thu Jun 11 02:51:28 1998
> From: "C A Campbell" 
> To: 
> Subject: Hi from Gorbachov
> Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 17:40:17 +0800
> Hi Goldie
> My name's Gorbachov, I am six years old.  I was named following the
> usual fish naming ceremony - 'what should we call this fish?'
> I used to have a big black spot on my head and hence the name
> Gorbachov.  But, one day my mum put some 'stuff' in the water to fix up
> another fish who was not well and guess what........... I started
> growing and lost my black spot.

Spots you say...I hate 'em!  I just had a bad case of the dreaded "red
ones".  Almost died.  Was floating upside down...that really get's the
"food source's" attention in the morning!  Now I'm on every form of fish
medicine known to man.  (I guess they didn't want to have to edit my Web
Page...I overheard them talking about it:  "If the fish dies, then we'll
have to change the Web page!")

They're afraid to stop medication...last time they did, the red spots
came back.  So now I have a new "high-dollar" filtration system and a
tank heater.  I get four (4) different kinds of water treatment.  I get
three (3) different kinds of antibotics.  I get my water changed every
week.  I'm loving all the attention...never felt better.  (Upside-down
swimming...give it a try!  Oh, but already do that, being
from the southern hemisphere. :-)

My latest trick is to grab the antibotic tablet that they throw into my
tank each day.  (They always try and distract me with fish food...but I
know what they're up to!)  After I nab the tablet a big commotion
starts.  My "food source" starts reading warning labels, letting me know
how the label says "For External Use Only".  Soon, other people are
called into the kitchen.  Lots of pointing and shouting commences.  It's
great fun... (The penicillin tablets taste the best.)

> I went from 2 inches in length to now 8 inches in length and as big 
> around the belly.
> It's nice knowing there is another fish out there like me - I live in
> Perth, Australia.  where are you?

I too live close to the ocean in La Jolla, California...just north of
San Diego and about 100 miles south of Los Angeles.  The water I swim in
comes from the Colorado River.  My "food source's" wife claims that she
is going to build me a fish pond.  (My "food source" tells me that
translated from "wife talk" it means that *he* is going to have to build
me a fish pond.  He also says I shouldn't want one anyway because I'd
just get eaten by a local cat, bird, fox, or raccoon!)

> hope to hear from you soon.
> bubbles and bubbles
> Gorbachov

Best regards,


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